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Who We Are

CBC-Primasia is a China-based leading corporate service firm, supporting clients’ operations in Switzerland, China and Hong Kong. With our qualified and experienced consultants, we offer services in incorporation, accounting, tax, payroll, visa and all other business-related support to enterprises worldwide.

History and Experience

CBC Group is a Swiss wholly owned group founded in mainland China in 1995. CBC group is headquartered in Bern has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. We are dedicated in providing one-stop solutions for multinational companies.

We have helped many small and medium-sized international enterprises to set up their companies and provided our market entry solutions in China, Hong Kong and Switzerland for more than 20 years.

Our Team

Our highly-competitive Swiss team is composed of senior accountants, CPAs, financial controllers and high-level management. Our Swiss team members include Swiss staff and Chinese staff. We are knowledgeable about Swiss accounting standards, local regulations and laws, Swiss tax system and their social insurance system. We are experienced at helping the national or international companies to make right strategies, to achieve their corporate goals, manage their financial risks and improve their business performance.

Why Us

Switzerland-based, we know better about the local policies

We are Switzerland-based, so we know better about the local policies than the Chinese local consulting companies

China-based, we can easily meet our Chinese clients thus building trust

We are China-based, so we can easily meet our Chinese clients and discuss issues face to face at their conveniences, thus building trust

Competitive resources in Switzerland

We are a wholly foreign-funded company who’s got competitive resources in Switzerland

Many partners in Switzerland

We have many partners in Switzerland to ensure the professional handling of the work

Several experienced consultants in both China, HK and Switzerland

We have many experienced consultants in both China, HK and Switzerland to provide consulting services and provide professional solutions

Comparatively economical prices for Chinese SMEs

We would offer comparatively economical prices for small and medium-sized Chinese companies who want to start their business in Switzerland.

Cost-friendly quotation for our packaged services

We could offer a cost-friendly quotation for our packaged services.

Our Services


  • Choosing suitable legal form for the client
  • Choosing suitable location for the client
  • Helping assigning a name to the company
  • Offering consulting or helping-to-draft services and permit application for some special activities or sectors of industries
  • Helping to do commercial registration
  • Assisting in opening a bank account

Nominee Director

We provide nominee director/authorized representative service, i.e. act as your company's local director if you have difficulties appointing a director of your own.



  • Providing office address for incorporation
  • Legal employer of the staff
  • Independent office space
  • Full-equipped working environment
  • Providing daily admin & secretarial and IT support
  • Handling payroll, social welfares and expenses issues

Accounting and Tax Filling

  • inancial accounting
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting
  • Taxes



  • Collecting basic information from the clients and help identifying which kind of permit/visa is applicable
  • Advising clients on the needs, requirements and application procedures
  • Assisting in documentation and permits/visas application
  • Application filling and documents renewal

Partner Search

  • Partner searching with clients’ requirements
  • Background searching
  • SWOT analysis
  • Cooperative agreement checking in terms of business terms and conditions
  • Evaluation from a legal and financial perspective
  • Further following up and assistance in further negotiations/communications

Contact Us

China Office

CBC Building, 49A Wu Yi Road,
Shanghai 200050, China
+ 86 (0) 21-6132 9911

Switzerland Office

CBC Schweiz AG,
Parkterrasse 14, 3012 Bern
+ 41 (0) 78 622 35 92

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If all requests are met and all required documents are well prepared and submitted, setting up a company will normally take at least 3-4 weeks provided that all the required documents are provided, time used for documents preparing/collecting N being included. If the company makes use of the express service, then the company registration can be finished within about 1 week, which is subjected to a fee.
It depends on which form of legal entity the company is. There are not requirements on registered capital for Sole Proprietorship, General Partnershipand Branch Office. For public limited companies (AG), the minimum registered capital is CHF100,000. For limited liability companies (GMBH), the minimum registered capital should be CHF20, 000.
The legal entity is supposed to have a physical office for registration and the office leasing contract is one of required documents for company formation. However, if the company doesn’t have its own office, then a Declaration of Adoption of Domicile will need to be prepared and provided. CBC-Primasia can solve this problem for our clients.
Different cantons may vary a little in terms of mandatory social welfares. But normally, a company will need to purchase the following social welfares for its employees:
  • Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Compensation for Loss of income and Maternity Benefits
  • Occupational Accidents
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Occupational Pension Schemes
  • Family Allowances
The auditing obligation depends on the size and economical importance of the corporation. Regular audits will apply to a company if two of the three parameters below are met :
  • Total assets of CHF 20 million
  • Annual Sales of CHF 40 million
  • An average headcount over the year of 250 employees or more

If these conditions are not met, then the annual financial statements are only subject to a limited audit (questioning of management, appropriate detailed checks, analytical audit procedures, etc.) The audit may also be dispensed entirely, subject to the approval of all the shareholders, if the company has no more than an average of ten full-time positions over the year.