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As a China-focused accounting and tax advisory firm, CBC-Primasia has years of practical China experience. And this is what foreign companies need in a country whose accounting standards often differ from standards in other places.Since 1995, CBC-Primasia has been a leader in providing accounting and tax services to foreign small- and middle-sized companies in China ...MORE


Opening a business in China can be time-consuming and costly if you are not familiar with the local laws and regulations. While this is true in many countries, China is quite special in this regard. Companies need to apply and fill out all paper work in Chinese language and deal with several local authorities and bureaus for a company setup in china. Simple tasks, such as opening a company bank account, can suddenly absorb more resources than expected ...MORE


In 2008, the Chinese labor law has been revised. There is more transparency, and employees have been given more rights and enjoy a much better protection than before. But the revision also means more complexity. The labor law covers items such as mandatory welfare payments, employee’s education levels and employment contracts in china which may vary depending on the provincial or city regulations that are applicable where your office is located ...MORE